Sanjivani Vati is classical Ayurvedic medicine with the lifesaving property. The main indications of this medicine is Jwar (Fever), Visuchika (Gastroenteritis), Gulma, and snake bite. It is also beneficial in common cold, indigestion, stomach ache, worm infestation, and cough. Sanjivani Vati is deepan, pachan, anuloman, jwaraghna, Vishaghna, krimighn etc.

Sanjivani Vati contains ten medicinal herbs namely Triphala, Vidanga, Shunthi, Pippali, Vacha, Guduchi, Vatsnabha, and Bhallataka. The herbs are mixed together with the help of Gomutra, and rolled in the form of Vati (pills/tablets) along with Adraka swaras (ginger juice).

  • It contains Vatsnabha, and Bhallataka is useful in snake bite, and other poisons.
  • It gives relief in fever.
  • It helps in Visuchika (gastroenteritis) by treating the Ajirna condition.
  • It is a very effective remedy for typhoid fever.
  • It is beneficial in fever especially due to Vata Kapha Pradhan fever Sannipat.
  • It is Deepan, and Pachana.
  • It is an excellent property to digest, and remove Ama Visha from the body.
  • It is an excellent Sannipathara drug with special action on Vata, and Kapha Doshas.

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