Nari Kavach of Shrinath Pharmacy is an Ayurvedic product. It is manufactured by mixing the extracts of several natural herbs. It regulates irregular periods and relieves pain and also it protects the health of women of all ages.

Nari Kavach of Shrinath Pharmacy is an achievement in the field of Ayurvedic medicines. It relieves all types of pains like abdominal and back pains experienced by ladies during the time of monthly periods. Because of severe pain many ladies are unable to carry out their routine domestic works as well as their regular jobs and professional duties. Now Nari Kavach comes as a boon to women folks completely making them pain free and thus relieving the mental tension.

Nari Kavach of Shrinath Pharmacy is a special product formed by the precise combination of many extracts from natural herbs. It relieves many deficiencies and cures several diseases especially of women. It is 100% Ayurvedic and therefore natural. It has no side effects and produces expected results. It is an ultimate herbal treatment which maintains hormone levels in the body normal, keeps blood pressure at healthy level, regularizes the periods, controls heavy blood discharge and relieves the pain completely so that women can feel and move freely during the time of menstrual periods.

Nari Kavach of Shrinath Pharmacy changes the old attitudes and mind set of women caused by their uncomfortable feelings and unbearable pain at those particular days of a month and makes them cheerful and celebrates every moment of their life. It challenges the traditional myths about the periods and completely relieves the pain and mental torture experienced by women. Now women can experience a painless period and enjoy everyday of a calendar month.

  • Improves Anaemia (Blood deficiency)
  • Loss of appetie in women
  • Menstrual irregularities in ladies 
  • Leucorrhoea (white discharge)
  • Pain in lower abdomen 

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