Product Name : LIV-X-ZYME DS syrup


Ayurveda for liver Diseases : A natural cure for you

According to ayurveda, metabolism and digestion in the body is carried by different types of digestive fires (enzymes), which are termed as ‘agni’ and ‘pitta’ in ayurveda. So in short, liver is a fiery organ, and that is why anything, which is fiery or hot in nature is not good for the liver. Alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, hot spicy food, chemicals in pre-packaged foods or medicines and environmental pollutants are not good for liver.

Ayurveda says that the liver knows how to heal itself. So all we need to do is stop exposing it to hot foods and chemicals, and keep it cool and clean.

Liver Disease Conditions like :

Hepatitis / Fatty Liver / Cirrhosis / Ascites / Jaundice / Liver Disorders.

This Can be Useful in Liver enlargement, Jaundice, Anorexia & Dyspepsia.

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