Gokshura, also known as Goksuraka, Gokhuri, Gokshra, Devil’s thorn, Goat head, Small Caltrop, Gokharu, or Gokhri is a vital element used to cure urinary diseases, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), prostate gland problems, heart ailments and kidney problems. It may also aid in the development of muscle growth, increased and cognitive activity.  

The fruit bears sharp thorns over its surface that are hard enough to puncture a cycle tire, earning it the name Trikanta or Puncture vine. This herb’s active components, alkaloids and phytosterols combine to make it may be an effective diuretic. Apart from urinary issues, gokshura can possibly help with hair loss, neurological disorders, rheumatic pain, headaches, obesity, stress, piles, bedwetting, and eye problems

Gokshura helps in boosting energy, vitality and also strengthens the penile tissue which enhances penile erection due to its Guru (heavy) and Vrishya (Aphrodisiac) properties. Together, this helps improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

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